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Our Buying Process

11 Steps to Your Buying Success

1. Initial Consultation: We begin with an introductory meeting to understand your investment goals and preferences. We discuss different buying strategies and how they align with your property goals.

2. Research: Leveraging our extensive real estate networks, we identify quality properties that align with your strategy and send you properties to review their suitability and pinpoint a short list of properties that match your goals. Our network ensures that we receive not only on market listings published on the major real estate websites, but also off-market and pre-market opportunities exclusive for you.

3. Selection/Short List: We carefully narrow down the options to the very best properties that best fit your property goals.

4. Inspection: Ensuring transparency, we attend an inspection of each shortlisted property. Additionally, we provide you with walk through videos of the properties for your perusal. This is our point of difference and a critical part of the buying process. We will NEVER buy off a list and you know exactly what you are buying.

Should the initial selections not suit, we recommence the search process.

5. Negotiation: Once you have selected a property, we handle negotiations on your behalf.  We buy the right property for the right price!

6. Contract Review: The exciting part! Our legal team reviews the contract to ensure clarity and advises you before signing.

7. Insurance: After a contract is signed an insurance policy must be put in place over the property. We can recommend our preferred insurers, or you can use your own.

8. Inspection Procedures: In adherence to industry standards, we promptly schedule and oversee Building and Pest inspection, ensuring thorough due diligence.

9. Finance: We continue to keep your finance broker up to date through to finance approval and settlement.

10. Property Management: If your property is for investment, our dedicated team facilitates a seamless transition to your Property Manager. Your Property Manager is also tasked with conducting a pre-settlement inspection, ensuring the property is rent ready.

11. Settlement Completion: Concluding the acquisition process, we extend our heartfelt congratulations as you officially take ownership of the property.

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