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What is the role of a Buyers Agent?

A Buyers Agent is hired by the buyer seeking assistance in purchasing real estate. Their primary role is to represent the buyers interest throughout the property acquisition process.

At Property Advisors Australia we actively search for properties that align with the buyers’ criteria and preferences with access to an extensive range of premarket and off market listings all over Australia.

We provide insight into the current real estate market conditions, property values and trends. This enables you as the buyer to make informed decisions and to never overpay for a property.

On behalf of the buyer, we negotiate to secure the best possible terms including the right purchase price, settlement conditions and any other relevant terms.

We do our due diligence on all purchases through researching the property history, analysing comparable sales, and identifying any potential issues that may affect the properties value or the buyer’s decision.

Our team inspects the property to ensure that the condition aligns with the buyers’ expectations and requirements.

We help review and complete all necessary documentation and contracts to ensure the buyers legal and financial interests are always protected.

Who uses a Buyers Agent?

Anyone who wants professional assistance, market expertise and dedicated representation in the property buying process. Using a Buyers Agent can help streamline the process, save you time, and potentially lead to more favourable outcomes.

Clients we have worked with:

Home Buyers: Those looking to purchase their dream home and want to reap the perks of having a Buyers Agent work for them.

Investors: First time and seasoned professionals often use Buyers Agents to identify lucrative investment opportunities, negotiate favourable terms and ensure a successful acquisition.

Busy Professionals: Individuals with demanding schedules wanting to streamline the property search process and have a Buyers Agent handle the various aspects of the transaction on their behalf.

Expatriates and Relocating Professionals: People relocating who are unfamiliar with the area and want guidance in finding a suitable property.

Those seeking Off-Market Properties: Buyers interested in exclusive off market properties, which are not listed to the public.

Buyers looking for expert advice: Those who want expert guidance, market insights and negotiation skills to ensure they make well informed decisions throughout the buying process. 

How does a Buyers Agent get Paid?

A Buyers Agent gets paid buy the buyer. We work for you.

Our fee structure is broken up in two parts:
1. Engagement Fee
2. Settlement Fee (which is payable upon settlement).

Please note: We CANNOT, DO NOT AND WILL NOT EVER accept any sales commission from Selling Agents or Developers.

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